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Power Competition - 14th September 2014

A report below (including a little artistic licence) from Stan who kindly ran the event.

The fourth power comp (limbo event) was held on the 14th of September, attracting eleven entrants.
The start was scheduled for 13.00 and most people were shocked when Dennis arrived with 15 minutes to spare; someone must have told him that the comp started at 10.00!
Most pilots elected to fly a Hummer which looked a bit of a handful in the early gusty conditions.
Dennis flew the only I/C powered model, but at his first attempt the ground rose up to meet him resulting in no score.
Eric, Bernie, Stephen, Dave Limbert and Chris had similar results, all accepting their fate sportingly apart from Bernie who chuntered on about his Hummer being unflyable. Needless to say he got no sympathy.
Brian managed one pass before getting tangled in the line. By the time he found his reading glasses to untangle the model his time was up.
Jonathan flew a powered glider and also made one pass.
Stan flew the largest model of the comp, a Radian, and did well to get three passes.
Dave Baker turned up with what looked like a blue ceiling tile and proceeded to do twelve passes.
For the second round the wind eased somewhat resulting in better scores.
Eric was under pressure to return home and as he was running late was in such an agitated state that he was in no condition to fly again.
Dennis managed a single pass, Stephen two and Bernie and Dave Limbert three each.
Dave Baker, who showed such panache in the first round went to pieces and hit the deck after only four passes.
Brian also managed four, again after tangling his model in the line, but this time was delayed in untangling by taking time to roll and light a fag.
Jonathan had got his eye in for the second round and managed a respectable five.
Stan took advantage of the lighter wind and did eight passes, but the hero of the second round was Chris Stanley who flew under the string ten times.
This was supposed to be the end of the comp, but Dave Elam rolled up asking what was going on. It was obvious that he was trying to inveigle himself into entering late, and was told it was all over.
However, he said he hadn't brought a suitable model for the comp, and as the crowd were in an ebullient mood after the afternoon' s entertainment he was allowed to have his two rounds.
He then proceeded to drag out of his car a purpose designed limbo model and flew it in perfect calm conditions, achieving scores of three and eleven.
The final scores were:
1st Dave Baker
2nd Dave Elam
3rd joint Chris Stanley and Stan.
5th Jonathan Rees
6th Brian James
7th joint Bernie and Dave Limbert
9th Stephen Heathcote
10th Dennis
11th Eric.
It was a shame that Eric couldn't fly his second round, he would probably have placed higher.
A very enjoyable comp was had by all with the inevitable heckling from certain slope soaring members who were obviously too timid to enter!
Many thanks to all participants and helpers.

Stan ( standing in for power rep ).

Concourse Competition - 16th April 2014

About 25 members attended a concourse competition at Turnbridge WMC. Any model was eligible and as the photos show a wide variety were brought along. Only members who brought a model could vote to decide who won and after the count the winner was Lech Hawrot with his Kangaroo Jet Turbine model. Not only did Lech build the model but he also made the actual gas turbine engine too. A worthy winner!

First Thermal/Electric Competition of the year at the Whams - 9 June 2013

We were lucky to get a lovely balmy day for the first electric glider competition of the year. The car park was packed and we had 14 entries with 12 actually getting in the air. The most popular model was the Radian  but there were a scattering of Easygliders and Graupner Juniors.

The actual competition was an  ‘all up together and last down wins’ format  but with an initial ‘seeding’ round so that higher performance models were handicapped with shorter motor runs - this worked well with most models getting to a similar height.

The first round revealed big thermals and big sink and Chris Thompson emerged as the winner.  The second round amazingly produced a tie between Dave Elam and Dave Limbert with their very different models.  Dave Baker managed to win the final round just pipping Stan Hanus.  The overall competition winner was Dave Elam with his sleek fast climbing Graupner Junior.

Many thanks to Lec Hawrot for running the competition – by the end it was going like clockwork.  Another event will be organised for mid August.

1. D Elam 25 points
2. S Hanus 23 points
3= D Baker 21 points
3= D Limbert 21 points
5= B James 18 points
5= B Hunt 18 points
7= C Thompson 14 points
7= P Stevens 14 points
9. J Woodhouse 9 points
10 B Pickup 8 points
11 R Matthews 5 points
12 D Westgate 3 points

First Competition of the year at the Whams - 19 May 2013

By our roving reporter in the field - Glyn Armstrong

Well the weather has not been particularly kind to us so far this season, rain, wind, low cloud and cold temperatures.  However, this changed on the 19 May when the scheduled Power Competition took place at Whams.  Whilst cool with a tricky cross winds, we did see plenty of early sunshine.  This of course brought out flyers in their droves; fifteen of whom agreed to participate in the competition.

The competition was relatively straight forwarded in structure; all you had to do was land!  What made this more difficult was the addition of two constraints.  Firstly, from the time of your call, indicating you were starting your approach, you had to land as close as possible to thirty seconds elapsed time.  Points were then deducted for early or late arrivals.  Secondly, an area of small proportions was delineated on the field as the landing area.  Points again being deducted for a landing not achieving initial touchdown in this area; any part of the plane counted in this respect.

As you can imagine much fun was had by all, whether at the expense of others or by the skills displayed by our more competent flyers.  Needless to say, those who were able to multitask, fly and count were in with the best chance.  There is no suggestion here that some of the competitors are more feminine than others but I will allow you to peruse the results and draw your own conclusions!  Congratulations to Stan Hanus, who beat off the competition to win by the narrowest of margins.

As you will be able to see from the associated photographs the competition also managed to attract some of our Hill Bred brethren down from their lofty heights.  It was great to see them all even if they had to borrow power models to participate in the completion.  Of particular note was a maiden flight by Rob Cleator with his Dragon, a four metre, winch or tug launched glider (when on a flat field site).  Stan obliged of course with his new Decathlon, petrol powered model; the combination of tug and glider looking particularly scale in the photos.

A good day, enjoyed by many.

A note for your diaries; on Sunday 9 June 2013 Bernie Hunt is organising a Thermal/Electric competition at the Whams.  Let us hope the weather is as kind and that as many of you can participate


Stan Hanus                         12
Lech Hawrot                       10
Dave Baker                          8
Rob Cleator                          6
Bernie Hunt                          4
Ronnie Lampe                      2
Brian James                          1
Chris Thompson                   1
Rick Matthews                      1
Paul Ormerod                       1
Richard Bottomley                 1
Glyn Armstrong                     1
Alan Rhodes                          1
Jim Ward                               1
Dave Limbert                         1

A Fantastic day at Sledbrook

With fifteen members in attendance and ten fliers competing we were lucky to get perfect calm conditions for the first electric glider competition of the year. Favourite models in use were Radians and Easygliders as well as a variety of others.

The format of the competition was of the ‘all up together and last down wins’ format and this obviously was rather exciting and scary due to all ten models being launched at the same time.
To even things up because of the different performance of various models an initial ‘seeding’ round was held and this resulted in the higher performance models being handicapped with shorter motor runs.

While all around looked to be getting rain Sledbrook remained dry and calm with the added bonus of a few gentle thermals which some of us managed to find and use to our advantage.

After three rounds of mayhem and frantic organisation Stan Hanus came out the winner with myself and Alan Rhodes coming joint second. Good to see both Alan and Bill Wood at Sledbrook and having such a good time.

Results Below

Entrant name
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
landing order
landing order
landing order
land order
S Hanus
D Elam
A Rhodes
B Wood
R Matthews
C Thompson
D Limbert
J Woodhouse
B James
B Hunt

First Competition of the year at Hullock Bank
Here are the results on the Fun Fly / Spot Landing competition held at Hullock Bank on Sunday 22 April:

1. Brian James – 24 points (time 19 sec distance 5 yards)
2. Mark Treble – 26 points (time 23 sec distance 3 yards)
3. Bernie Hunt – 27 points (time 22 sec distance 5 yards)
4. Dave Elam    - 44 points (time 39 sec distance 5 yards)
5. Dave Limbert – no score (time forever)

It was an amazing day. It rained solidly all morning and most wise men stayed at home to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix. A handful of brave stalwarts however turned up to see the rain clear up just in time for the competition.  After a few minutes the wind fell light so the pot hunters changed to their side-arm-launch light weights and sneaked in some scores whilst the others amused themselves scrambling down the hill to retrieve their models. It then rained for 20 minutes and the wind blew parallel with slope. Finally as we walked away the wind switched back on the slope but by then it was too late.  
Congratulations to Brian for his well deserved win and thanks to the half dozen hardy spectators who turned up to watch. Brian’s prize was to be allowed to run the next competition!

Bernie Hunt
Club Championship Points Total - After 2 events

Dave Elam                    16

Brian James                 13
Stan Hanus                   12
Mark Treble                  10
Alan Rhodes                10
Bernie Hunt                    9
Bill Wood                       6
Dave Limbert                 5
Rick Matthews               4
Chris Thomspon           2
John Woodhouse         1

Our Treasurer's Retirement

After a continuous 30 years doing the job our Honourary Treasurer, Trevor Elam, finally put his calculator and spreadsheet away and handed over the job of Treasurer to another long time member, John Woodhouse.
The Chairman gave a thank you speech at the AGM and then presented a gift to Trevor. Trevor then also gave a speech where he told how he had joined the club as a boy and described how the hobby had changed throughout the years.
Enjoy your retirement, you've earned it!