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Rules and Constitution

RATIFIED BY EGM - 15TH FEBRUARY 2012 - Updated January 2013

C 1.0 The name of the Club shall be "Huddersfield and District Model Aircraft Club" later referred to as HDMAC or the Club.

C 2.0 The objectives of the Club are to promote the sport of building and flying Model Aircraft.

C 3.0 For the furtherance of the above objectives, the Club shall levy an annual subscription from the members and shall hire or purchase flying fields and premises, and provide such equipment as is deemed to be necessary.


Membership shall be open to all persons sympathetic towards the objectives of the Club, with the proviso that they are responsible persons acceptable to the Committee. There shall be five classes of Membership:-

C 4.1 Junior Member for persons below the age of 18 years or persons below the age of 21 years if in Full Time Education.

C 4.2 Senior Member for persons 18 years to 64 years of age.

C 4.3 Senior Citizen Member for persons 65 years of age or above

C 4.4 Honorary Member for persons who the Committee or Members may
consider to be worthy by service to the Club or Hobby.

C 4.5 The HDMAC welcomes prospective Members and Visiting Flyers subject to the special conditions defined in Rules 13.1 to 13.4.

C 4.6 New members shall be subject to a 12 month probationary period in line with the BMFA recommendation.


An AGM will be held during the first two weeks in December each year at which the Members shall receive from the Committee the Annual Reports of various sections and the Audited Accounts for the preceding year. The Club’s affairs are run on democratic principles.

The Committee shall hold Accounts in such Banks or Financial Institutions as they see fit, in the name of the Club, for the investment of the Financial Assets of the Club.
Cheques and Bank Withdrawals shall require the signatures of two persons from four or more appointed signatories.


The Committee is a body of Members elected by the Membership to conduct all the financial and administrative affairs of the Club.
Members of the Committee are subject to election each year, as below.

C 7.3 A Voting Quorum shall consist of Six ( 6 ) members of the Committee

C 7.4 The Committee shall consist of :-

4.Membership Secretary
5. Whams Representative
6. Slope Representative
7. Flight Training Co-ordinator
8. BMFA Representative
9. Groundsman

C 7.5 The Committee may co-opt any ex-officio Voting or Non-Voting Members as they see fit.


C 8.1 The Committee shall be responsible for all the affairs concerning the financial and general running of the Club and will authorise expenditure necessary for this purpose.

C 8.2 Planned expenditure in excess of a sum equal to or greater than 10 x the Senior Member subscription or £400 whichever is the greater per item on capital goods or equipment for stock will be subject to prior approval of Members at a General Meeting.

C 8.3 The Disposal of any HDMAC Club Assets, either Material or Financial, to a Member or otherwise must be approved by the HDMAC Committee and recorded in the Minutes and Accounts of the Club.

C 8.4 Changes in the Club Rules / Constitution will be subject to prior approval of Members at a General Meeting.

C 8.5 The AGM minutes will be circulated to members in writing within 31 days of their approval by the first Committee meeting in January of the following year.

C 8.6 Communications to Members or external bodies purporting to represent the views of the Club shall only be issued by the Secretary with prior approval of the Committee.

C 8.7 The Whams Land cannot be sold or otherwise disposed of without a vote of 75% or higher of all the current membership at a General Meeting and a legal majority (currently 2/3) of the Trustees and any decisions as to the sale of the Whams Land is to be subject to the approval of 75% of the members of HDMAC and the agreement of the Trustees and that this clause is not to be subject to any further amendments without the agreement of the legal majority (currently 2/3) of the Trustees.

C 8.8 A suitable policy of trustee insurance indemnifying the Trustees in respect of all HDMAC activities on the Whams Land and any liability arising from the trustees legal ownership of the site, be maintained at all times and at no cost to the trustees and that this clause is not to be subject to any further amendments without the agreement of the trustees of HDMAC.” 

C 8.9 The Club has the authority to direct the body of trustees concerning the appointment and removal of individual Trustees


C 9.1 The Committee may call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at any time by notifying the membership two weeks in advance.

C 9.2 10% of the Previous Year-End Total Membership may request the Secretary to convene an EGM. This request must be in writing, stating the proposed Agenda for the EGM, and must be signed by all those concerned.

C 10.0 QUORUM - An EGM shall be valid only if attended by a minimum of 25% of the Members eligible to attend.


Every member attending the meeting shall have ONE VOTE.

C 11.1 Members not able to be present at the Meeting shall have ONE WRITTEN VOTE on any resolution circulated prior to the meeting, but not to any amendments raised at the meeting.

C 11.2 Voting at an AGM or EGM shall be carried by a simple majority of those attending the meeting plus valid postal votes submitted.


C 12.1 Proposals or Amendments for the Agenda must be signed by the Proposer and Seconder and be submitted to the Secretary in writing in time for issue with the Agenda

C 12.2 Proposals for the Agenda must be circulated by the Secretary to all the Members at least four (4) weeks prior to the meeting. (two weeks for an EGM).

C 12.3 Only such Proposals, which have been circulated to the Members, as above, may be voted on at the General Meeting.

C 12.4  Amendments to existing Proposals on the Agenda can be received and considered during the course of the Meeting, preferably in writing, subject to the special provisions of Section 13 relating to Subscriptions.

C 12.5 Any items raised at the General Meeting under ‘Any Other Business’ cannot receive a binding vote, but will be considered for action by the Committee at their subsequent meetings.


C 13.1 The AGM shall set the new Membership Subscription for the following year.  The current Committee will be required to advise the membership of the proposed level of subscription by inclusion in the Agenda for the AGM to be circulated to members at least four (4) weeks prior to the meeting.

C 13.2 The BMFA subscriptions will be as decided by the BMFA Annual General Meeting which is normally held at the end of November.

C13.3 Members may propose amendments to the subscriptions.
Such amendments must be in the hands of the Secretary, in writing, by the 20th November for consideration at the Committee Meeting prior to the AGM.  Only the original Committee proposal and Members’ amendments received at this Committee Meeting can be discussed at the AGM.

C 13.4 In the event of the Committee proposal failing to receive a majority at the AGM then the subscriptions will remain at the previously agreed level, or until a further Extraordinary General Meeting can be convened.

C 13.5 Notice of this EGM and the details of the original Proposal and any Proposed Amendments must be circulated to all members in writing at least two weeks prior to this meeting.

C 13.6 No change in the Membership Subscriptions may be agreed upon, either as a proposal or amendment, unless the details have been circulated to all members in writing at least two weeks prior to the meeting.


The Committee shall arrange for the Accounts to be examined and approved as correct by a suitable independent person or persons, prior to the AGM.


C 15.1 In the event of any complaint against a Member, the Committee either individually or collectively shall have the authority to immediately caution or censure the Member, either verbally or in writing as appropriate and convenient.

C 15.2 In the event of repeated or serious complaints or infringement of the Rules, the Committee shall request the Member in writing to attend the next Committee Meeting to discuss the complaint in person.

C 15.3 In a case of severe misconduct the Committee may impose immediate Suspension until a hearing at the next Committee Meeting.

C 15.4 Failure to attend this Committee Meeting without just cause or notice will be taken to be an admission of guilt of the offence.

C 15.5 At this Meeting if the Committee find the complaint proved they shall have the power to Temporarily Suspend the Member for a period to be specified or to Permanently Expel the Member from the facilities of the Club.
This decision shall be notified to the Member in writing by the Secretary.

C 15.6 A Member so Suspended or Expelled shall not be entitled to the return of any Subscriptions or parts there-of.

C 15.7 A Member who wishes to dispute the above procedure may appeal against the decision at the next General Meeting of the Club. (EGM or AGM).      
A simple majority of the Members present at the General Meeting shall decide whether to uphold or reject the appeal


R 0.1 Only Club Members and properly authorised guests with BMFA insurance may fly on Club sites.

R 0.2 Club Members renewing their membership and new Members joining the Club must sign a form agreeing to abide by the constitution and rules of the Club.

R 1.0 Grades of Club Membership shall be as detailed in Section 4 of the Club Constitution.

R 2.0 Club Annual Subscriptions etc. shall be set at the Annual General Meeting. The BMFA subscription will be as set at the AGM of the BMFA.

R 3.0 All new Members (except Juniors) shall pay a Joining Fee.

R 4.0 All new Members will receive a Membership Card, a new member’s handbook and an induction talk from a member of the committee.  A BMFA Insurance Certificate will be issued later when available. New members should provide their own Transmitter clip or peg with their name and frequency on it if they wish to fly at the Whams.

R 5.0 Club Subscriptions become due on the 1st January.  Membership and BMFA Insurance is valid immediately the Club Membership Secretary is in receipt of a person’s subscription.

R 6.0 Any member not having renewed subscriptions by 15th January shall pay the Late Renewal Fee of   2 x Joining Fee.

R 7.1 The cost of BMFA Membership is additional to the Club membership fee.  BMFA Membership and Insurance Cover are on an Annual basis commencing on the 1st January each year.
Members are not insured until subscriptions have been renewed.  Members are Insured immediately the Club Membership Secretary is in receipt of their BMFA subscription.

R 7.2 Members holding BMFA Insurance individually or through another Club must furnish proof of Insurance.

R 8.0 Paid up members will be issued with a valid Club Membership Card for the year and their BMFA Insurance Certificate

R 9.0 A lost Club Membership Card will be replaced on payment of £1.00. A lost Gate Key will be replaced on payment of £3.00.


R 10.1 All Members holding a BMFA “A” Certificate (or Gliding equivalent) are permitted to fly unaccompanied on the relevant Club Flying Sites.

R 10.2 All other Members are urged to pass the BMFA “A” Certificate as soon as possible, showing Competence in Safe Flying and Knowledge of the Club Safety Rules and relevant Site Rules.
R 10.3.1 All New Members who do not already hold an “A” Certificate must have a check flight with an instructor to prove their competence. Anyone failing this test must always fly supervised by an Instructor or “A” Certificate holder until deemed to be competent.

R 10.3.2 Existing Members who do not yet hold an “A” Certificate are permitted to fly unaccompanied, provided that they do so competently and within club Safety Rules and relevant Site Rules.

R 10.4  Only Members holding an “A” Certificate are permitted to supervise or instruct Novice Flyers.

R10.5. Pilots of Models weighing in excess of 7kg and/or Gas Turbine Models must hold a BMFA “B” Certificate.

R 10.5.1 Such Pilots must be conversant with the current BMFA and CAA Rules referring to these Models and must always comply with these Rules.


R 13.0  Any Guest invited to fly on Club sites must be insured by the BMFA. They shall make no more than 3 visits in each calendar year. Both Guest and a Club member must sign the Visitors Book (where available).

R 13.1  BMFA Insured Guests are welcome subject to the above conditions.

R 13.2   Guests not having proof of BMFA Insurance must pay the BMFA Temporary Membership Fee of £5.00 per calendar month + £1.50 to cover Club costs.

R 13.3 Potential new members who have never flown before are permitted to have 3 visits for Flying instruction in each calendar year. They will receive 3 days of BMFA Insurance Cover free of charge. Guests must be accompanied at all times when receiving instruction and when flying by a qualified Club Member with at least an “A” Certificate and must fly using a Buddy Lead with a Master and Slave Transmitter.

R 14.0  Official Guests invited to fly by the Committee (e.g. for Demos. etc.) will be issued with a temporary ‘Official Guest’ Transmitter Plaque for the day.




Members will have a Universal Key for the 2 Gates and Martin Black Cabin. (A Key may be obtained from the Flight Training Co-ordinator on payment of a small charge). Enter through the Browns Edge Road gate and proceed down the track to the Whams gate and comply with the following safety instructions

Drivers of Vehicles approaching or leaving the Car Park must stop at the Safety Sign or Marker and wait for a signal that it is safe to proceed with care.

Models Taking Off and Landing on the East /West Runway must Give Way to Vehicles approaching or leaving the Car Park at all times.



Due to the proximity of other sites, only the following transmitter frequencies are allowed on the Whams: 35MHz:-  Only Odd  61 to 89 frequencies may be used.  Not 55, 57, 59.  27MHz:-  Only the following 27MHz frequencies (including splits) are allowed: Black/Brown(26.975),Yellow(27.145), Green(27.195),Blue(27.255),Yellow/Green(27.175),Green/Blue(27.22). 2.4GHz.
Frequency control and safety is the responsibility of the members using the site.  A pegboard is available in the Pits Area.  All Members MUST exchange their own plaque or peg with the Frequency Clip from the Pegboard before switching on their Transmitters or flying (Including 2.4GHz for personal identification and the reassurance of fellow flyers). Guests should use a guest transmitter clip.  The Pegboard system must be used when more than two members are flying.  NO CLIP - NO FLY!

R 15.1  Members must comply with the Site Rules posted in the Cabin on the field.

R 15.2  Members must not fly their models over the Pits and Car Park area or over the Helicopter area across the stream or any other designated No-Fly area.

R 15.21  Charging of LiPo batteries is not permitted in the car park

R 15.3   Models weighing in excess of 7kg and Gas Turbine models must not be flown within 50 metres of  Spectators or the Boundary of the Pits This may be reduced to 30 metres for Take Off and Landing only.   (C.A.A Rules)

R 15.4   Members must not fly their models whilst the Grass Mower is in use. Only the Groundsman or his appointee may use the ride-on mower.  (Insurance Rule)

R 15.5   Dogs are not permitted in the Pits or on the Flying Area even on a lead.

R 15.6   The engines of ALL Power Models must be adequately silenced.

R 15.7   If required by any member of the Committee a member must submit a model to a sound level test using the Club Sound Level Meter. If the highest of four readings measured at 7 metres from the source is:

a) In excess of 82 dBA then the model must not be flown from a Club site until modified and retested.

b) In excess of 80 dBA but less than 82dBA, the model may be flown for the next session.

c) Less than 80dBA, then the engine/propeller/silencer combination is acceptable for flying on Club fields. 

R 15.8   Helicopters/multicopters may be flown in slots on the Whams Main Field by mutual arrangement with the Fixed Wing Flyers using the General Pegboard system. 

R 15.9   For Safety reasons, Helicopters/multicopters and Fixed Wing models should not be flown at the same time on the Whams Main Field.

THE WHAMS TIMES OF USE - (as laid down in Planning Regulations)

Thermal / Slope Soarers and Electric Models - UNRESTRICTED.

Powered Models (I/C engine).

Saturdays                    10 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                 10 models maximum in use.
Sundays                      10 a.m. to 6 p.m.                                 10 models maximum in use.
Weekdays                   10 a.m. to 5 p.m.                                   3 models maximum in use.
Weekdays                    5 p.m. to 8 p.m.                                  10 models maximum in use.
Wednesdays                5 p.m. to 9 p.m.                                  10 models maximum in use.


Shelley High School playing fields are for the use of Thermal Soarers and Electric Powered aircraft only. 

The use of I/C engine powered models is not permitted.

Members using the site are responsible for frequency control and all frequencies are permitted. 

Flying is permitted at any time provided there is no other authorised use of the playing fields.

When Sports are taking place there must be No Flying. 

Always fly as far away from the school buildings as possible.


This site is for gliders only (no electric models)

The Club has exclusive use which covers all wind directions from south to north via west.
Frequencies - 2.4GHz and 35MHz on 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82. 

Members using the site are responsible for executing frequency control.

Parking is along the bridleway to the north of the site.

Ensure that gates are kept closed and damage to crops accessing the slope and retrieving models is minimised

Some of the land we fly over is classed as 'Open Access' but otherwise seek permission from landowners before retrieving models.


Club members who use other slope sites in the district must respect the wishes of the landowners and abide by the accepted local rules for parking, access, flying and frequency control.

New Rules for Flying on HDMAC Slope Sites - To be ratified at the AGM

1. It is the responsibility of the individual flier to be sure it is safe to fly before launching.

2. Models must be launched and landed a safe distance from other fliers and spectators.  The flier intending to launch or land should shout “launching” or “landing” allowing time for other fliers to respond and take appropriate action.

3. Models must not be deliberately flown close to or over other fliers, spectators, or members of the public. Particular attention should be paid to members of the public using the track in front of the slope at Royd Moor.

4. Fliers must announce their intention to enter the landing area, and announce when they have retrieved their model and cleared the area.

5. On windy days particular care should be taken to avoid models blowing back and hitting other fliers and spectators.  Consideration should be given to launching from down the slope or delaying the launch to allow other fliers to land first.

6.  A model’s maiden flight (or first flight following significant changes) should be undertaken with no other models flying to allow all persons present to react accordingly to any unexpected flying characteristics.

7. Members’ cars at Royd Moor must be parked near to the entrance to the bridle path and never immediately downwind of the landing field.

8. Electric models must not be flown on Club slope sites.

9. Fliers on 35 MHz must only use even frequencies and announce their frequency before launching.


From time to time the club may be asked to perform at local Fetes and if the site is suitable, these engagements may be accepted.

Club members flying in such demonstrations must hold a full Certificate of Competence (B.M.F.A. “B” Certificate) and be fully conversant with the safety code relevant to Public Demonstrations.

A Demonstration Director will be appointed for each demonstration and his word is final upon any matter appertaining to flying or crowd control.

If sites are not suitable for safe flying, then the Club may arrange a Static Exhibition of Models. These are found to create much interest from the public.

Displays performed properly and safely can only improve the image of our sport in the eyes of the general public.

Fly-ins and similar small scale events may be organised on Club sites following the guidelines in the BMFA Members handbook which requires an Overall Event Organiser and Flight Marshal to ensure safety.