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Slope Soaring

Hullock Bank

Hullock Bank, which is situated next to Tinkers, is the new main club soaring site that HDMAC has exclusive permission to use with kind permission of the owner who owns the fields around the top edge of the slope.

To find Hullock Bank on Google Maps go to the Maps page.

Below is a detailed OS map showing Hullock Bank.

Parking is along the bridleway as shown on the map. It's probably best to park on the left hand side.
Entry to the fields is through the steel gate (G). Please ensure it is closed at all times.
Follow the wall around the edge of the ridge trying not to walk on any of the planted crops.
The area shown in the blue box should not be overflown as there are sensitive livestock in the fields.

The slope is suitable for wind directions WNW, W, WSW, SW, SSW, S

Please note that retrieval access for models cannot be guaranteed as models will overfly other landowners land.
You can see however that some of the land we fly over is classed as 'Open Access'

Frequencies - 2.4GHz and 35MHz on 56, 58, 60, 62, 64, 66, 68, 70, 72, 74, 76, 78, 80, 82


Royd Moor

The Club now has use of a slope site at Royd Moor that is suitable for SW winds.

Whitley Edge

The Club has recently secured the exclusive right to fly gliders (NO ELECTRIC MODELS) on Whitley Edge which is located close to the Whams. Whitley Edge provides a gentle slope that is ideal for beginners and also for test flying new models. It is suitable for for wind directions from NW to SSW. Flying should take place on the slope side of the walls in the area coloured BLUE on the map below.
Please be aware that the slopes are on a busy farm and the land owner Ian suggests for our own safety that we give the cattle (a bull and many cows with calves) a wide birth.
Members are asked to show consideration in using this site.  Park your car on Whitley Road but please do not park near the gate as this can cause obstructions to the farmer who needs constant access. Close all gates after passing through and no climbing over fences or walls.

Jim Ward is our contact for dealings with the farmer Ian and his wife Joanne who live in the bungalow near the crossroads at the top of Browns Edge Lane. Please let Jim know if any problem arises.

New Rules for Flying on all HDMAC Slope Sites

1. It is the responsibility of the individual flier to be sure it is safe to fly before launching.

2. Models must be launched and landed a safe distance from other fliers and spectators.  The flier intending to launch or land should shout “launching” or “landing” allowing time for other fliers to respond and take appropriate action.

3. Models must not be deliberately flown close to or over other fliers, spectators, or members of the public. Particular attention should be paid to members of the public using the track in front of the slope at Royd Moor.

4. Fliers must announce their intention to enter the landing area, and announce when they have retrieved their model and cleared the area.

5. On windy days particular care should be taken to avoid models blowing back and hitting other fliers and spectators.  Consideration should be given to launching from down the slope or delaying the launch to allow other fliers to land first.

6.  A model’s maiden flight (or first flight following significant changes) should be undertaken with no other models flying to allow all persons present to react accordingly to any unexpected flying characteristics.

7. Members’ cars at Royd Moor must be parked near to the entrance to the bridle path and never immediately downwind of the landing field.

8. Electric models must not be flown on Club slope sites.

9. Fliers on 35 MHz must only use even frequencies and announce their frequency before launching.

Holme Moss

This is privately owned land however it has been used for slope soaring for well over 30 years by both fliers this side of the Pennines and from the dark side in Lancashire.
Holme Moss accomodates wind directions from North to East and when the conditions are right the lift can be great and very smooth.

Greater care needs to be taken when flying from Holme Moss though as it is very much a public site with many tourists stopping there to take in the great views. The other thing to be careful about is the use of Holme Moss by Paragliders and Hang Gliders. It is essential that good communications exist between the different participants so that each know which airspace they will be flying in.

All frequencies can be used at Holme Moss but please check with other fliers to stop any clashes.

Marsden Moor Soaring Association

HDMAC is proud to have been a founding member of the MMSA which allows members of the Club as well as other affiliated clubs the right to fly on land owned by the National Trust on Marsden Moor.

More details on the Marsden Moor Soaring Association can be found by Clicking Here

It is advisable for fliers to be aware of the local rules for the Nont Sarah's site especially as it is often shared with Hang Gliders and Paragliders
Further Information can be found by Clicking Here