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Electric Soaring

Thermal Electric Competition - Saturday 26th July 2014

Below is a report from Stan. Unfortunately, so is the photo!!!

The weather was perfect for the event, thirteen contestants took part - sorry, fourteen - Dennis arrived in his usual relaxed style just at the starting time!
The format was simple; any model could be used, a mass launch, 20 second motor run, glide, last down the winner.
Six heats were managed resulting in the following results:
14th. place went to Bob Carrick ("Scottish Bob"to his many of friends to distinguish him from other Bobs). He was unlucky to damage his model in the first round which put an end to flying in further rounds. However, he put in a creditable score in that round and we hope he will join us again in future comps.
13th. was John Woodhouse who showed his dedication to vintage models by entering a pre-war "Tom Thumb" single channel model. Needless to say this model did not have the same efficient gliding characteristics as the other models so well done to John for entering the comp in the fun spirit intended.
12th. Steven Heathcote. Again, Steve didn't fly an ideal model but taking into account his past competition performances would have done really well with a more suitable model.
11th. Place went to Lech Hawrot who didn't bring a suitable model and was seen eying up Rick's Radian. Eventually another kindly member offered his model and Lech achieved 4th place in the first round. However, in the second round he entertained us by running down the field after the model with the transmitter held above his head saying something about being out of range. He did subsequently regain control but was too too traumatised to carry on (Only joking Lech!).
10th. place went to relative newcomer Rick Thorpe, his scores improved through the rounds and he will be one to watch in future comps.
9th. came Pete Stevens who was unlucky to have a couple of low scoring rounds, otherwise he would have placed much higher.
8th. Bob Pickup had three good rounds and three not so good, but again a relative newcomer to the comp scene so he should go on to greater things.
7th. Dennis Clarkson, a seasoned competitor, flew a built up machine which may have put him at a small disadvantage against the modern foam gliders.
6th. Another veteran, Dave Limbert flew consistently well apart from round five, when he was the first down which cost him a few places.
5th. Eric Hague kept a cool head and did very well in most rounds, again unfortunately having a low scoring fourth round.
4th. Dave Baker, who usually does well flew consistent long flights. He was no doubt hampered by the extra weight of all that sickly orange paint on his model.
3rd. Now we come to the three top scorers, the experts who can sniff out a thermal, who have the experience to work the currents. In third place was newcomer and dark horse Jonathan Rees, who was somewhat apprehensive prior to the comp and was seen working his way around the more experienced flyers gleaning tips and advice. This no doubt helped, or maybe it was the tuition he received when learning to fly. Who can tell? Anyway, we shall have to keep an eye on him in future comps.
Joint 1st was shared by David Elam and Bernie Hunt, both flew well with consistent high scoring rounds. Bernie tried to gain an advantage by entering an expensive built up competition glider but the competition director was wise to his tricks and imposed a time handicap on his flight which he accepted very sportingly. He was also suspected of listening to his vario, but it was found to be tuned to Radio 2.
David Elam flew his deceptively named Junior in his usual accomplished fashion to good effect.
It was suggested that a fly off take place to decide a clear winner but both competitors had had enough. Please see enclosed picture of the victorious duo!
Many thanks to all participants for making it such a splendid day.



I would like to encourage members to have a go at aerotowing at the Whams. I have a range of glider tugs, and would like to meet with anyone who has a suitable glider-anything with a simple R/C tow release on the nose. Considering the somewhat restricted space, smaller gliders (Easyglider/Cularis) would be sensible.
I would suggest aerotowing at quieter times of the week so as not to inconvenience regular power flyers, again I am available most times if people would like to contact me.

Stan Hanus