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Huddersfield and District Model Aircraft Club was formed in 1946 and in a typical year has around 100 members interested in designing, building and flying all types of model aircraft, ranging from ultra-lightweight indoor models to slope and thermal soaring, electric flight, I.C. powered models, helicopters and ducted fan and gas turbine models.

Membership is open to people of all ages from Juniors to Senior Citizens, and all levels of ability from beginners to the highly experienced competition flyers who are always ready to assist the new and less experienced members. The Club welcomes beginners and has several designated instructors who are available to teach them how to fly their model in a safe and proficient manner and achieve the BMFA A Certificate which is required to fly solo. To assist with that learning process we have several trainer aircraft with dedicated RC equipment which can be used until the new member buys their own plane and equipment,

The Club owns its own flying field known as The Whams which is situated at Upper Cumberworth in open countryside, with planning permission for flying all types of model aircraft at most times of the day, seven days a week, and situated about a kilometre from the nearest habitation. 

A large purpose built off-road car park for 30 vehicles is available adjacent to the flying area and we have a heated cabin with facilities to prepare food and drink. We also have several external but sheltered charge points for the charging of lipo battery packs.

HDMAC has always had a strong interest in slope soaring and we are fortunate as a club to be situated on the edge of the Pennines. We are grateful to three local landowners who have given the club exclusive use of three hillsides within a small radius of the main Whams flying field.

The Club is proud to be affiliated to our National Governing Body, the BMFA, and we were also a founder member of the Marsden Moor Soaring Association (MMSA. Our affiliation to this organisation permits club members to fly slope soaring models on National Trust Property in this area and also on other recognised NT sites throughout the country by arrangement with the local model clubs.

To find out more about HDMAC on this website please use the navigation links available. Locations of our flying sites can be found on the Whams and Slope Soaring pages.

If you have any queries regarding the Club or are interested in taking up model flying or joining then please feel free to get in touch. Alternatively if you are ever in the area then feel free to call in at our main flying site, the Whams, where we can show and demonstrate our models. There's generally always some hot water available too for a drink of tea or coffee!

We look forward to seeing you.

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