In 1988 the club was provided with the opportunity to purchase its own flying field in an area on old maps known as the Whams. This is situated near Ingbirchworth, in open countryside and away from noise sensitive areas. Planning permission for the flying of model aircraft at most times of the day, seven days a week was obtained from the local council. 

The site is predominantly used for fixed wing power flying however other activities that take place include electric thermal gliding, glider aerotow, glider winching, freeflight and control line.

The Whams is a triangular shaped field and this allows us to have two main runways, one in an East-West direction and the other North-South. This provides suitable take off and landing directions to cater for different wind directions. More recently the club purchased some more adjacent land and this has been used to create a car parking area using an environmentally friendly hard surface.

For taking shelter in less than favourable conditions the Whams site has a large cabin which has proved to be an invaluable addition and kept many a member warm and dry. This cabin was kindly donated to the club by Mrs G Black in memory of her late husband Martin who was a very active member of HDMAC as well as being a Trustee. More recently a diesel powered heating system has been installed for extra comfort during the Winter months.

Over the years all types of model have flown at the Whams including multi engine scale, ducted fan and more recently gas turbine jets.

As such it is open to ALL types of model aircraft flying by Members or Guests ONLY.

A location map and aerial view of the Whams can be seen below.


Altitude 320 metres (1050 ft.)    O.S. Ref. 195057 

Browns Edge Road, Maythorn, near Ingbirchworth, Huddersfield.


Take the A629 from Huddersfield towards Sheffield. Pass the A635 junction continuing on the A629 for 1 Mile, come to Birds Edge village and turn right immediately by the school. Proceed to the T junction and turn left. Take the 2nd road on the right (after 1 mile), Browns Edge Road. Arrive at the Flying site after half a mile on the left.

To access the field drive along the track and obey the signed instructions before fully proceeding.

Keep all the Gates securely closed at all times.  Livestock may be in the field out of sight.



Vehicles approaching the Whams Car Park


R 25 Members will be provided with combination codes for the locks on the main gate and the Martin Black Cabin.


R 26 Members should enter through the Browns Edge Road gate and proceed down the track to the Whams gate and comply with the following safety instructions at the field entrance gate.


R 27 Upon entering the site from Browns Edge Road always close the gate behind you due to the possibility of livestock being present in the surrounding fields.
If cattle are in the areas by either gate please take care as at times they can be obstinate and stubborn to move out of the way. Also take care if retrieving models from adjacent fields when cattle are present.

R 28 Drivers of Vehicles approaching or leaving the car park must stop at the safety sign or marker and wait for a signal from those flying that it is safe to proceed with care.

It is advised that you sound your vehicle horn to alert fliers of your presence.


R 29 Models taking off and landing on the East /West Runway must give way to vehicles approaching or leaving the car park at all times.



Operating Rules

R 30 HDMAC members using the Whams do so under the rules of CAA Article 16. Members must read and understand Article 16, keep up to date and comply with all the current legislation, applicable to the flying of unmanned aircraft.


R 31 Members must comply with the site rules posted in the cabin on the field.


R 32 In the interests of safety & communication, all pilots should stand / sit, in the pilot box area whilst flying (chairs are permitted for use by anyone with disability or mobility problems). A Member flying a FPV model may also wish to operate it from a seated position.

R 33 When starting your model it should be suitably restrained either by the use of the start bench or restraint.

R 34 Aircraft should be carried or restrained by the pilot or their helper when being taken to the runway prior to take off.

R 35 Aircraft must not be taxied behind the flight line or directly towards the pilots / pits after landing.



R 36Members must not fly their models over the pits and car park area or over any other designated No-Fly area as stated in the site rules posted in the Cabin.


R 37 Models weighing in excess of 7.5kg and gas turbine models must not be flown within 50 metres of spectators or the boundary of the pits. This may be reduced to 30 metres for take off and landing only. (C.A.A Rules)


R 38 Only the Groundsman or Committee Appointeesmay use the ride-on mower.


R 39 Members must not fly their models whilst the grass mower is in use.


R 40 Dogs are not permitted in the pits or on the flying area, even on a lead.

R 41 The pits area and car park should be considered as safe spaces and no refuelling, engine starting or battery arming should be undertaken within this area

R 42 Charging of models or batteries is not allowed in the car park. If you wish to charge using your own battery please charge in the pits or use the club charging system.


R 43 Whilst 2.4GHz  would now be considered the preferred choice of operating frequency, due diligence must still be paid to the operation of transmitters on the 35MHz band. Therefore to take into account the proximity of the slope sites only the following transmitter frequencies are allowed on the Whams - 2.4 GHz.  35MHz - Odd Frequencies

A pegboard is available in the Pits Area.  All Members using 35MHz MUST select the peg with the Frequency required from the Pegboard before switching on their Transmitters or flying.



REMEMBER - Frequency Control and Safety is the responsibility of all members using the site.



R 44The engines of ALL Power (I/C and Electric) Models must be adequately silenced in order to comply with the club’s existing requirements as set out in the Planning Permission document issued by Barnsley Council. The sound levels permitted are :-

       Less than 80dBA, then the engine/propeller/silencer combination is acceptable for flying on Club fields.

       In excess of 80 dBA but less than 82dBA, the model may be flown for the next session

       In excess of 82 dBA then the model must not be flown from a Club site until modified and retested.


R 45 If required by any member of the Committee a member must submit a model to a sound level test using the Club Sound Level Meter.

R 46 The committee reserve the right to prohibit the flying of any aircraft that is deemed to be excessively noisy.

R 47 The committee reserve the right to prohibit the flying of any aircraft that is deemed to be unsafe.


R 48 Helicopters may be flown in slots on the Whams Flying Field by mutual arrangement with all the Fixed Wing Flyers on site.

R 49 For Safety reasons, Helicopters and Fixed Wing models should not be flown simultaneously.


R 50 If a gas turbine model is flown then no other models shall fly at the same time.

THE WHAMS - TIMES OF USE - (as laid down in Planning Regulations)


The times for flying Thermal Gliders, DLG’s and Electric Models is UNRESTRICTED.


I/C Engined Power Models are restricted to the following times.


Saturdays    10 a.m. to 6 p.m.    10 models maximum in use.

Sundays      10 a.m. to 6 p.m.    10 models maximum in use.

Weekdays   10 a.m. to 5 p.m.    3 models maximum in use.

Weekdays   5 p.m. to 8 p.m.      10 models maximum in use.

Wednesdays   5 p.m. to 9 p.m.      10 models maximum in use.