The Club actively offers and encourages flight training and advice to all new and existing members.

We have a number of club training aircraft equipped with wireless buddy box facilities for teaching novice pilots with a view to achieving the 'A' certificate which then enables them to fly unaccompanied. 

Complete novices often begin their learning process on the 'Multiplex Easy Star'. This is an easy to fly model that benefits from having a high mounted propeller which means there is little chance of propeller breakages while practicing landings. Lessons generally quickly then move on to the club 'Max Thrust Riot' which is a more conventional model allowing the beginner to progress with their flying skills. Many new members like the Riot so much that they purchase their own with which to progress and learn various aerobatic manoeuvres.

If a beginner is more interested in traditional IC glow engined powered models the club has recently obtained a Kamco Kadet with which to give lessons using that form of propulsion.

The club has several instructors and three examiners who are available and happy to offer their services in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Once a member has passed their A Certificate they often wish to progress further by training for the more advanced B Certificate.
Again, there is always help and advice to guide a member towards and past that achievement.

Contact details for the club training coordinator are printed in the club handbook and inside the Whams cabin. Information can also always be gained by visiting the flying field and chatting to fellow members who are always happy to help and advise.

Club Examiners

Stan Hanus
Tim Haigh

Bob Brown

Club Instructors

Stan Hanus

Tim Haigh
Bob Brown
David Elam
Jim Ward
Lech Hawrot